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Faulty Products

At Australian Cosmetics, we strive to deliver products in the best condition possible. However, if you find the Product to be faulty, it is your responsibility to preserve the Product in its current condition to enable us to examine it within a reasonable timeframe. We may need your cooperation and timely provision of details regarding the Product in order to take remedial action on the faulty product. This includes i) providing a clear description of how the Product is faulty or damaged, and ii) you submitting to us the delivery note number as well as any other information we require within reason. If you think you received a defective product, please contact us immediately at [insert email address here]. Once we confirm that the Product is defective, we will replace the product immediately or issue a refund.



Australian Cosmetics has built a reputation offering hair care and beauty products that help thousands of customers to improve their skin and hair. However, each person has a unique hair and skin type. Therefore the results from using our beauty and hair care products may differ from one customer to another. We, therefore, cannot be held responsible if these results fall short of the customer’s expectation.